Success Stories
Ponri, aged 15
"If I wouldn't have run away, I would be married by now or still be tending goats out in the nowhere. Even if I went through tough times, I am happy now and know that it is worth the struggle. Now I want to be a teacher to encourage other girls to fight."
Ponri, 15 years old, Bali Block

Ponri was not only lucky, she was determined not to end as a child bride but to fight for an education. She has made an impressive journey to become not only a student but a role model for girls . Read about it »





Manju, mother to 4 sons, re-enrolls herself after 20 years
"I feel so much more independent being able to read and write. Moreover I can pass on my knowledge to my 4 sons and help them with learning for they will have a better career when they are grow up."
Manju, 35 years, Bali Block

Manju normally spoils our guests with the most delicious food in our Pali guesthouse. 20 years ago she dropped out of school and re-enrolled herself to school to better support the career of her 4 sons. Today, she is she is taking her 8th grade exams at Bali KGBV school. Read more »





Meena, re-enrolled and re-inspired
"Now that my parents understand the relevance of education for the sake of our family, they are my greatest supporters to pursue my ambitions to become a doctor."
Meena, aged 12, Raipur Block

After several years of walking a great distance to the closest primary school, Meena's parents asked her to stay at home and help them with domestic and farming duties. Read more »





Dimple, 14, re-enrolled
"Education gives me confidence to know which way I should go. That is why I strive so hard in my studies."
Dimple, 14 years, Bali

By the time she was 13, Dimple's parents had already started to plan her marriage and forced her to drop out of school. Only when an Educate Girls community worker visited her home, she was finally able to tell her parents that she desperately wanted to return to school: .





Renuka, 14, Bal Sabha member
"My goal is to re-enroll all of the girls who have dropped out in my village. I believe that a good leader is able to inspire others to participate and be active. A good leader should give everyone a voice."
Renuka, aged 14, Bal Sabha member, Bali

"Everything changed when I joined the group of Bal Sabhas", Renuka recaptures. She has a lot more self-esteem and gained confidence to make her voice heard at school and at home.





Sumirtha, 13, re-enrolled
"I am so glad that Educate Girls helped me to go back to school. This is where I am most comfortable. I am happy to be with my friends and most of all I love learning in my class."
Sumirtha, aged 13, re-enrolled, Bali

When Sumithra's father died, her family plunged into poverty. It seemed that it would be impossible for her to finish her education, until Educate Girls intervened.

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Birth rates, child mortality, political
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