Established in 2007, Educate Girls is holistically tackling issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India's education system that has helped to ensure over 90% enrollment and significantly higher attendance for all girls as well as improved school infrastructure, quality of education and learning outcomes for all children.

By collaborating with organizations like UNICEF, Pratham, Sandhan & Dasra, Educate Girls has included their best practices into the program. Our comprehensive model helps communities assess their school situation, initiate action plans and empowers them to sustain positive results at the lowest cost. By leveraging the government's existing investment in schools, Educate Girls delivers measurable results to a large number of beneficiaries and avoids duplication or parallel delivery of services.

Educate Girls believes that if girls in educationally backward districts are educated now, they will have the potential to enter the formal economy, gain employment and lift their families out of poverty. Because of the sustainability and scalability of the model, Educate Girls has grown from a 500-school pilot project in the Pali district of Rajasthan to now serving thousands of schools, reaching millions of children in some of India's most remote areas.



We aim to achieve behavioural, social and economic transformation for all girls towards an India where all children have equal opportunities to access quality education.


We leverage existing community and government resources to ensure that all girls are in school and learning well.


Our goal is to improve access and quality of education for around 2.5 Million Children living in underserved communities in India by 2018.


Board Members
  • Safeena Husain
  • Ireena Vittal (India)
  • Luis Miranda (India)
  • Ujwal Thakar (India)
  • John Somoza (USA)
  • Lisa O’Driscoll (USA)
  • Michael Pollack (USA & UK)
  • Eric Levine (UK)
  • Kris Tay (UK)
Advisory Council
  • Aditi Thorat
  • Gul Mukhey
  • Hansal Mehta
  • Jasmeet Kaur Srivastava
  • Pooja Bhatt
  • Pragni Kapadia
  • Roopa Kudva
  • Sarath Divella
  • Swati Apte
  • Tara Kapur
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Safeena Husain
Safeena Husain
Founder and Executive Director

A London School of Economics graduate, Safeena has worked extensively with rural and urban underserved communities in South America, Africa and Asia. After returning to India, Safeena chose the agenda closest to her heart – that of girls’ education and founded Educate Girls. Safeena’s efforts to bridge the gender gap in education in India have been widely recognized. Under her leadership, Educate Girls has received the 2015 Skoll Foundation Award, the 2014 WISE Award, the 2014 USAID Millennium Alliance Award, the 2014 Stars Impact Award, the British Asian Trust’s Special Recognition Award from HRH Prince Charles for outstanding contribution in education and the India Development Marketplace Award in 2011 from the World Bank.

Senior Management Team
  • Maharshi Vaishnav
    Head of Development & Communications
  • Dr. Neelam Raisinghani
    Head of Government Liaison
  • Suresh Subramanian
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Zeeshan Sumrani
    Head of Program
Names arranged alphabetically.
Names arranged alphabetically.


Names arranged alphabetically.